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Premium Label Design Geraklis Voreas
100% Assyrtiko from selected vineyards.

We composed the nomenclature from the location of Gerakli, Fthiotida, where the vineyards are located, and from the deified North wind “Voreas”, who was worshiped locally in antiquity, due to the beneficial north wind for the vineyards, that still arrives today from Mount Othris.
Taking in account the rich history of wine making, we used the method of hand engraving, and designed an illustration of the “Voreas” deity. After test printing the engraving on various attempts, it was digitized and refined, carefully keeping the handmade features and "analog imperfections". That is, the elements that give uniqueness, differentiate it from similar designs and express the earthy, human and handmade side of the winery. Primary characteristics inextricably linked to the cultivation of the selected vines and the vinification of this Premium label.

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Philoktitis Wine Series Label Rebranding

White, Rose’ & Red wine labels were designed for Evampelos Ghi Winery

Part of a complete rebranding for Evampelos Ghi Winery, Philoktitis wine series, refer to Philoktitis, the ancient king of Fthia, that during the Trojan War, he was bitten by a poisonous snake and his wound was washed with red wine and healed.


We used the Greek letter phi / Φ /, initial of Philoktitis.

Phi / Φ /, letter, works as a visual mention to the previous established Philoktitis wine label, as well as a “target”, symbolism of the excellent bow and arrow marksmanship of  Philoktitis.

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