Poster Competition BICeBe 2019

Series of 6 unpublished posters designed specifically for the BICebe 2019 competition.
Mixed Media Techniques
Dimensions: 50x70cm

The Era of Disinformation

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Technology and social networks have modified our access to information. Day by day we take part of the exchange of information on the reality of the world and our immediate surroundings. Somehow we feel powerful, and it seems we have no time for formal media. That headline in bold and blunt letters seems to be telling us everything we need to know about an event. The photo that shows that public figure in a compromising action is a true irrefutable fact, because it has been share more than a thousand times. However, can we carelessly believe in all the pieces of information to which we are exposed? How can we rightly discern truth, verified information, precise data, and unedited images? <<

The influence of behavioural & propaganda bots, is more eminent than ever before.
Your opinion could very well not be your opinion but designed and directed from some company in order to promote its particular self interests. This company could be anything from sports shoes to a government.
Critical analysis of information and sources as well as self awareness are the tools to cut their strings.

Indian Ink & analogue / digital Collage

Indian Ink & analogue Collage

Indian Ink & analogue / digital Collage

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